What do you know about the new DFMA Pro Cosmetics?

Here at Lipstick Towers, we are of course, make up mad – so when Davinia got to work developing her own range we couldn’t stop asking…. ‘is it nearly ready yet?’


Of course you can’t rush perfection and Davinia has worked so hard to develop a professional backstage range for both the aspiring and the established Make Up Artist, but when we got to play with it, I can’t lie – it felt like Christmas had come early!!

My name is Laura and I am a total DFMA Obsessive and I have what so many of us suffer from…. Compulsive Make Up Disorder….. I just have to have it all.

Over the next few blogs, I really want to tell you more about the key products in the range and what you can expect…. But today it’s all about the BROWS!

We all know brows shape the face and when done right, they can take 10 years of you or your client. I’ve long been obsessed by brows and have used many, many, many brow products over the years to fill, shape and tame my arches. The problem I often find is a lot of colours are slightly too red for my colouring and this just doesn’t help my already red complexion or gels that clump and make my brows look thinner.

So enter DFMA Pro cosmetics…. A, 5 well palette with mirror, it comes with 4 powder colours and a clear wax to tame and finish, it also comes with a double ended brush with an angled end for defining and a spoolie end for combing through.


Now I must confess, I’ve always preferred a powder for my brows and to be honest I was cynical about these powders having tried so many on the market and sticking to one for over 2 years…. But when I tried it, I instantly fell in love.

BrowPalette copy

The pigment is really rich giving a velvety and rich colour payoff. They blend really beautifully meaning I didn’t need to overload and risk my brows looking too drawn on.

The colours in the palette are a great selection and they mix and blend so well, that they really would work for almost everyone.

1. Blonde
2. Dark Brown
3. Light Ash Brown
4. Warm Brown
5. Wax

Now how does it wear? Well this was a big test for me as so many products wear off within a couple of hours. It’s safe to say you wont be disappointed, I found my brows stayed really well throughout the day and removed really easily with a regular cleanser (this was great for me, as I was so used to a lot of build-up)

So yes, I am a proud convert to the DFMA Pro Brow palette…. In fact in all honesty, I don’t even know where my old powder has gone!

You can buy DFMA Pro Brow Palette in The DFMA Shop here: http://www.makeupacademy.co.uk/shop/product/brow-palette/


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