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We all aim for success in life, that blissful day-to-day fulfilment and with these factors, financial freedom. Working out who you are, figuring out what your strengths are and how you are going to master these, as well as conquer the fears, all form part of your career path and I’m happy to share my journey with you.


As I sit here today and think how privileged I am to be with my children for the school holidays, having the time and complete financial support, I feel all the work I am doing is paying off. I am often asked, “how did you know what you wanted to do?” or I hear from my students time and time again “I don’t know what I want to do with my life!”


People put so much pressure on themselves to pick a career that perhaps isn’t so much about them, but more about what suits parents, peers or perceptions of the world. I am the complete opposite and strongly believe this attitude has contributed to where I am today. You must listen to your gut and nurture this.


My advice is, and it’s only my view, to keep it simple; listen to your instincts, whatever you love doing start your journey building within the area that you feel passionate about. Even if it’s work experience or following idols or industry experts in that field, it will all contribute to the building blocks. For example, I always knew I wanted to become a makeup artist. It was an inner calling, something I’d think about on a day-to-day basis, I loved the idea of being behind the scenes of contributing to an overall creative picture, whether it was in print or for TV, to travel around the world and be part of something creative along with like-minded people. Luckily for me, my parents supported me from the very beginning., which I am extremely grateful for! They didn’t say things like “but what about a real job” (I know many people can relate to this) and they never stepped in my way. My dad was a little sceptical until he saw my name come up in credits, THIS ALL HELPED ME as it motivated me to excel in all areas, They gave me the freedom to explore my ambitions for myself; something I believe has been invaluable to me and that’s why I will be the same towards my own children, to do what you love and the rest will follow, feel passionate about what you do.


My dream was exactly that; a dream, anything you believe hard enough can become a reality, believing is achieving after all,  (took out but) Hopefully I can show others that with a little grit and determination, anything is possible. It may sound like the age-old cliché but I’m living proof that you can become your dreams. I started this journey without ever believing it could happen, yet it has! Did I write that .. I’m not sure I didn’t ever believe it wouldn’t happen!


Can I please just say  – If you love something never doubt it, we attract what we want …


Many of my friends left school or university and trained in professions they felt they were ‘meant’ to do. The other side to this is the need or desire to earn good money, quickly, sometimes it’s worth the wait and to set realistic goals to achieve things you really want, I gave myself 10 years. Starting my own business hasn’t always been easy. When friends were being paid their salary each month and I wasn’t anywhere close I had to remain focused on my goal, I started out working many jobs and freelancing as a makeup artist for a good 17 years. When people feel they have worked hard and feel deflated as they haven’t got where they want to after trying for a few years I think you need to set realistic goals, also in my experience if you go up too fast you will fall down just as quickly, taking the time is a good way to really put the ground work in, enjoying the journey is a must.  I wanted to run my own successful company and so I had to take the highs with the lows and I still do to this day, if it was easy everyone would do it!. Other business owners out there will be able to relate to this! It can be a hard path but it is one that in my opinion brings so many rewards. My friends who went into a ‘stable’ job are still earning the same and doing the 9am-5pm hours without it actually paying off later in life in certain aspects. I, on the other hand, am now benefitting from the foundations I put in place and the hard work I put in at the beginning, for which I am very grateful.


Since the age of 16 I’ve tried to learn something from everyone and every situation I have been put in. Even the unrelated jobs can support your chosen field further down the line. My tip is to know your outcome, focus on the end goal and everything else will follow.


You may be considering a career in the (not beauty) Cosmetics industry – I can’t vouch for it enough! Interacting with people from all walks of life, from celebrities to TV stars to everyday people wanting a make-over, this industry is exciting, colourful, ever-changing and creative. If you’re great with people and like to learn new skills, DFMA can help you on the path to success.


Here at our Academy, we can help you develop your own business as we set you up with the tips, techniques and professionalism to make it on your own. Not only this, we will provide access to the best contacts and industry players in the business. Our exclusive aftercare programme provides continued support to DFMA students. For example, we provided a DFMA pro-team backstage at National Television Awards at the 02 then after all their hard work they slipped into their ball gowns to rub shoulders with the stars. What a dream! Most important you have the expertise of real life experts who have many years full established experience within all industries, we are no fad or trend we are the real deal


Ensuring our students are looked after every step of the development process is an ethos of mine. Aftercare isn’t offered by many Make-up Academies but here at DFMA we pride ourselves on this very thing. When your course finishes it’s not the end of your relationship with DFMA – it’s only the beginning. We constantly offer advice and direction, which we like to think of as your very own support system. Our students become friends for life and we love watching them grow and evolve in the workplace.


The DFMA way even includes insights and support on how to market yourself in the big wide world, from web design to having business cards made, building social media channels and learning about the power of networking; all of which are hugely important tools for this competitive industry.


If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and want to know more about our courses, tuition, what it takes to be a DFMA pro, and how you can start your journey to success, please click here to view our courses (insert hyperlink http://www.makeupacademy.co.uk/make-up-courses.php)
You’ll be an eyelash guru, a flawless face pro, you’ll know your smoky eye, your ice queen and festival honed looks, Spfx and moulding techniques for Film, in addition to understanding the crème de la crème of techniques for application in the field you want to go in. You may even rub shoulders with the stars and work backstage on Movies, Tv sets and fashion weeks in London and Paris Lets just say… beauty never looked so good!


We say, the DFMA way, is the only way, and others say the same…

Love & Lipstick

Davinia Fermi




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