Have a peek at what we’re getting up to in London!

London_7london_6Our lovely intern Victoria is back to give you a sneak peek into our Fashion, TV & Media course in London!

When week three began the students quickly realised how fast time was going to go on this intensive course. We were joined again by Julia to teach 1960’s. She started the class by passing around a book of the period explaining key trends of the decade. She then showed the girls a harsh cut crease on the eyes as well as a big beehive on the hair. The girls used this information to created their swinging 60’s look.

london-5On day two it was time for Kyriaki to teach couture makeup. She showed the students how to put gems and feathers on the face while telling them that this look is about creating something original for the catwalk. With this the girls were set a task of creating two looks for the day, the first look they had to use gems and the second they were to use feathers. After drawing out their designs on their face chart carefully planning where everything would go. All the girls created fabulous innovative designs.



We were half way through the week and greeted by Lauren. This was a great day as things got icy in the London studio. The students had such fun sculpting their ice queen for for the runway; after having seen Lauren’s demonstration of a wonderful woodland ice character with nest like hair.

London-3London-4Thursday began with the lovely Natalie handing out call sheets and going over them in depth with the students. She then went on to explain about continuity and the importance of structure and working in a methodical way. The students then thought of a character and wrote it on their face charts, they worked on each other writing down everything they did and the products they used on the charts so that when they swapped next week the next person that works from the call sheet knows exactly what to do in order to create continuity for that look. The afternoon was all about male grooming and Natalie explained what was needed in this area of makeup. The girls were set the challenge of who could make their partner appear the most manly. This was one look the girls didn’t enjoy modelling however, it was great fun!

london_1london2On the last day of week three Lindsey joined us. After explaining how to achieve a Mohawk and doing her makeup demonstration the girl were ready to make their tribal creations. Needless to say the girls looked fit for the catwalk by the time everyone had finished.