A fly on the wall of our Fashion, TV & Media course at DFMA London

fashion-1Week two began with the talented Olivia explaining every aspect of hair and all the various tools and equipment that can be used, as well as showing the girls different products in her kit and their purposes. The girls were asked to blow dry one half of the hair and the other was to be tonged to see how the two techniques created slightly different looks. Olivia also showed the students how to achieve beach babe waves as well as big sexy curls. With this the students practiced on each other and all the girls left the studio with big bouncy hair.

fashion-2On Tuesday Monica started the day by going over 1930’s history of makeup. she moved on to demo how to block out eye brows and create a look from this time period. She also demonstrated pin curls and finger waves on the dolls head. The girls partnered up and began their looks. Blocking out the eye brows was something all the students found strange as it was nothing like any of them had ever done before, not to mention the fact that they all hated seeing themselves without any eyebrows. Having said this, they all got on with the style of makeup and created lovely looks, the girls were unrecognisable by the time they had finished.

fashion_3fashion_4Day 3 we were joined by the talented Kyriaki. She presented to the class various images for each themes chosen for a beauty editorial look; rock chick, dolce vita, glamour muse, the rebel, golden goddess.

She then displayed how to create shiny smokey eyes and a bold lips with the rebel in mind. The girls pulled a theme out of a hat and got underway with their looks. Everyone looked great and so different by the end of the day, you could really see the verified themes that had been portrayed.

fashion_5Day 4 with lovely Lauren started by her explaining about the period of the 1920’s and the hair and makeup trends of the decade. She then demonstrated how to create finger waves and a pin up style on the hair. After she showed the girls how dark eyes, berry lips and bright pink cheeks were the fashion at this time. The students worked on each other, some went for classic 20’s and others used the same time period but put their own spin on it.


fashion_6Friday came and I could tell it had been a long week packed with information. Nevertheless, the girls were still eager to learn from the wonderful Lindsey. She began by curling the hair and pinning it up. She then moved on to makeup explaining that flicked eyeliner and bright lips were the signature look of this era. Through her demonstration she told the girls what it was like in the 1950’s and how women wanted to appear. After she dressed out the hair and showed the students how to do victory rolls. With this in mind the girls got underway and everyone was looking classic and elegant by the end of the day.